Founded in 2013 as an online and off-line networking platform for the healthcare community, Healthconme’s main purpose has always been to connect people with similar professional goals. This is no easy task. Throughout our experiences with both healthcare professionals and facilities (nursing homes, clinics, hospitals, etc.), we have identified the following trends:


One of the biggest issues facilities face is finding qualified personnel to fill the gaps left by the shortage of healthcare professionals. They also struggle with hiring professionals who will commit to working at their facilities in the long-term

Healthcare Professionals

The consistent problem that healthcare professionals face is ensuring that they receive fair salaries. An additional struggle common among healthcare professionals is career fulfillment because they either want to do other tasks or they are tired of doing the same type of work.

Healthconme seeks to solve problems that face both facilities and professionals. We believe that communication is key. For that reason, we devote extensive amounts of time to choosing the right partnership between professionals and facilities. Think of us as a “matchmaking” service for professionals within the healthcare community.


For Healthcare Professionals

We serve as consultants for healthcare professionals, including those who live outside of the US. Healthconme seeks to aid qualified healthcare professionals come to the US and to navigate the immigration process, which can often be long and confusing.  

Although we help people in all professions within the healthcare community, our core clientele come from the seven professions for which USCIS requires a certificate:

Nurses (licensed practical nurses, licensed vocational nurses, and registered nurses), Physical therapists, Occupational therapists, Speech-language pathologists and audiologists, Medical technologists (also known as clinical laboratory scientists), Medical technicians (also known as clinical laboratory technicians), Physician assistants

For Facilities

Healthconme is committed to finding the best healthcare professionals and pairing facilities with the right candidates. Our detailed selection process starts with meeting with the professionals directly, including by holding meetups in different countries where qualified professionals reside. Through interviews and surveys, we are able to gather as much information as possible and to select suitable candidates from our pool of professionals.

We don’t want to waste your time, so we make sure that the prospective employees we introduce to you are a good match for your company’s needs.  


We maintain strategic partnerships with companies that can help both facilities and professionals:.

Originally founded in 2010 as Cabiros, Boider is a marketing and web design consultant company that focuses exclusively on customers in the healthcare community.

Boider helps build out the reputation, marketing and communication for healthcare companies, including Healthconme.

For more information go to www.boider.com

Founded by renowned Filipino lawyer, Claudette Delacerna, admitted to the New York State Bar in 2016, the Delacerna Law Office is a law firm dedicated to immigration and healthcare. Due to her extensive legal experience in both the Philippines and the US, Attorney Delacerna has helped hundreds of professionals from the healthcare community.

The Delacerna Law Office has the challenging job of helping Healthconme’s clients meet their legal requirements and they exceed our expectations with their dedication and talent. 

For more information go to www.cadelacerna.com.


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